Performance Management

In this increasingly fast passed world, effective communication and project execution are becoming more vital than ever before. However most companies still rely on manual spreadsheet management, making the process frustrating and inefficient. At Beacon, we partner with our clients to improve the process of information flow to help make fast fact-based decisions. Right information, at the right time, in the hands of the right people can be the difference between a successful project and an abortive one.

The three factors we specialize in to make it happen are

Design Definition - Clearly understanding the outcome is the most important aspect of any performance management initiative. Any lack of that insight could result in failure to meet objectives. In the design definition phase, we help you

  • Articulate your business strategy
  • Clearly define the success criteria
  • Formulate a strategic plan for providing the right metrics to each level of the organization to ensure accountability and transparency

Information Management - With the growth of businesses, the practice of using multiple transaction systems adds another layer of complexity to the mix. The inadequacy to see the entire picture of a business can hinder the ability to achieve strategic goals. The solution to the challenge is proper Information Management Implementation for providing clear, concise and consistent information for an effective analysis. Part of the implementation usually consists of:

  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Operational Data Stores (ODS)
  • Data Warehousing (DW)

At Beacon, we can guide you through the process of a proper implementation and work side-by-side with your team to make sure the right information is delivered.

Business Intelligence - We believe it is equally important as the other two factors to have a proper BI Strategy. A proper BI strategy ensures relevant information is delivered to all parts of an organization, and also provides transparency throughout the organization in regards to the corporate strategic goals. Based on your organization’s needs, we leverage either Microsoft BI or IBM Cognos tailored to your needs with our expertise and proven best practices to provide solutions that will drive value throughout the organization. Our solutions can consist of a mix of

  • Dashboards
  • KPI Scorecards
  • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Mobile Solutions

At Beacon Consulting, we make it our goal to help you implement an effective and efficient Performance Management solution that will drive profitability and control costs.